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Through chaos and fire swirls the tempest of war. Balanced and vicious there are none its hand does not embrace and break. With its ravish maw it feeds on the resulting violence and desperation leaving the blood of Order and Destruction in its wake.

We are the Warhammer Online guild Tempest. We are a mature guild with roots into several MMOs. We recruit based on the personality and integrity of interested players and not their class or level. We balance our gameplay in both PvE and RvR and have members who prefer group or solo play as well as those somewhere in between. We proudly defend what is rightfully ours on the server Volkmar.

If you desire to enter the storm proclaim your declaration here.

Guild Hits Level 10!
By G-Net, Jan 8, 09 6:54 PM

Good News! The Guild has hit level ten which means we have unlocked the heraldry! Maybe Dr. T can put on his fashion hat and pick from 345 emblems....

Guild Hits Level 7!
By G-Net, Oct 27, 08 7:50 AM

A new tactic and crafting items storage in the vault are now available!


Guild hits level 6!
By Dr Thorpe, Oct 11, 08 10:18 PM

Once again the guild gains a level raising it to 6! At this level we can buy another tactic for use with the guild banner and we can now enter into alliances with other guilds.

Also all members of the guild gain access to the Viper Tavern, a guild tavern located in the Inevitable City. T... Read More

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